The Blues Brothers

On March 13th many classes of our school went to the theatre to see the musical “The Blues Brothers On a Mission From God”. 

The show was fantastic and we all had great fun. 

After the performance I interviewed my classmates to ask them how their experience had been. They answered that the actors had been great because they acted very well, danced and sang perfectly but most of all they were very good to engage the audience. They asked us to sing and clap our hands. One of my classmates said that the best part was when one of the  actors jumped down the stage  to dance among us.All of my classmates appreciated the songs.  

I think that the actors were very good because they spoke slowly and they allowed  the students to understand most of the speech. Moreover during our English lessons we had read the script so it was easy to follow the dialogues.

For me it was a great opportunity because I had never been to the theatre. It’s important to have such experiences because it is more interesting to learn English outside school. 

Sofia Ippolito